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Tap & Mixer
Tap & Mixer
Water pipe Connection
Water pipe Connection
Motor Fitting
Motor Fitting
Toilet Fitting
Toilet Fitting
Water Tank
Water Tank Installation
Drainage Pipes
Drainage Pipes
Bathroom Fitting
Bathroom Fitting
Water Filter
Water Filter
Geyser Installation
Geyser Installation
Basin & Sink
Basin & Sink
Grouting & Repair
Grouting & Repair

Tap & Mixer Repair: Table -Top hot & cold water mixer tap repair, Tap repair & replacement, Water saving nozzle, Wall – Mount hot & cold water mixer install, Wall – Mount tap installation, Table -top tap installation services.

water pipe connection

Water pipe connection: Connection hose installation to connect inlet & outlet, Washing machine inlet installation & replacement.

Water motor repair

Water Pump Motor Fitting: Water motor repair, Motor installation, Motor replacement, Motor air cavity removal.

Toilet seat

Toilet Seat Installation & Fitting: Flush tank repair ( ceramic, concealed, PVC ), Repair of flush leakage and low water pressure, Replacement & repair of broken/faulty flush button, Floor mounted western toilet installation, replacement & repair, Wall mounted western toilet installation, replacement & repair, Indian toilet installation, Flush tank replacement, toilet pot blockage removal, Replacement & adjustment toilet seat cover, Jet spray repair & installation.


Water Tank Installation & Repair: Overhead water tank installation, Overhead water tank cleaning, Underground water tank cleaning, Pipeline leakage repair work, Water meter installation.

drainage pipe

Drainage pipes : Drainage pipe blockage removal, Unclogging & removal in pipe blockage, Drain cover installation, Clean of drain trap & floor blockage removal.

Bath fitting

Bathroom Fitting : Tap fitting & repair, Installation of new shower with water piping connection, Shower installation ( wall mounted, hand held, ceiling mounted ), Minor fitting installation ( towel hanger, holder ).

water filter

Water Filter : Tap filter, Main line filter, Washing machine filter ( Hard water softening attachment installation), Shower filter ( wall mounted, ceiling mounted ).

water heater

Geyser Installation: Water heater installation,Water heater Uninstallation, Water heater repair & replacement, Geyser leakage repair.

basin and sink

Wash Basin & Sink Installation: Repair & replacement waste pipe, Wash basin & waste pipe blockage removal, Wash basin installation.


Grouting : Remove & replace broken bathroom tiles, Bathroom tile gap filling, Tile gap filling, Floor tiling work, Wall tilling service.

✅ Plumbers Nearby Services

Are you searching online Plumber near you for your home services? Get best Plumber near you in 45 minutes. Kaam Ke Bande will help you in taking away the pain of finding the trusted Plumber to cater to your needs right at the comfort at your home with affordable rates. Our Plumber are highly skilled and prompt with undertaking their projects.

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About Plumbers

Water leakage is big issue and we can’t ignore, we need to fixed immediately. Searching for reliable & licensed Plumbers near you becomes a big task don’t worry Kaam Ke Bande is one solution to all your problems. Kaam Ke Bande provide all types of plumbing work like leakage fixing, Seat installation, Tap installation, New pipe line installation, fitting, repairing for residential and commercial spaces.

Why get Plumber from Kaam Ke Bande?

  • Doorstep repair: Kaam Ke Bande provide doorstep plumbing repair service within 45 minutes.
  • Verified Plumber: Kaam Ke Bande provide background verified  licensed & trained Plumbers.
  • Service guarantee:  Kaam Ke Bande provide one week service guarantee.
  • Affordable rates: Kaam Ke Bande provide affordable rates even a minor work.
  • Expertise: We have the expertise to fixed  leakage, Seat installation, Tap leakage repair, New pipe line installation, fitting, repairing with perfection.


  1. Repair & Fixing: Local plumber charge very high even a small plumbing repair work . Get best Plumbers near you at affordable rates.
  2. Installation Service: Get tap installation, Pipe installation, Sink installation and all other bathroom installation at one place in Dehradun Kaam Ke Bande hare for you.
  3. Service Areas: We provide plumbing services for residential spaces, industrial and manufacturing units and other commercial establishments.

Plumbing for basic repair works is one such issue. People have to face many problems and the Plumber rate is one of them. Some local Plumber even through there are a number of plumbing companies charge very high for some short issues and also for the products they use and then take a long time to visit the site. If you don’t want to get into hassle of searching for Plumber in the local market of the city. Kaam Ke Bande will provide you the best Plumbers at you doorstep without any hassle.

 PROBLEMS FACED WITH PLUMBERS-  People have to face many problems and the plumber rate is one of them. Some local Plumbers charge very high for some short issues and also for the products they use and then take a long time to visit the site. So sometimes customers have to face such high pricing issues and even after paying well. Leaky pipes and faucets can waste a lot of water-and money-if left alone.

Our plumbing services include all small and big  Plumbing jobs.

  • Toilet Repair & Installation
  • drain cleaning
  • installing water heaters
  • Detecting faults in plumbing appliances
  • Air Blocking in pipelines
  • Tap installation
  • Cistern repair
  • Water tank Installation
  • Water supply line installation
  • Leaky pipes  repair
  • Faucet Repair & Installation
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Sink Installation
  • More Bathroom Services
  • All of these are the most common complaints for which the services of a plumber are availed but our technicians take all the necessary precautions and observe all the required safety measures during their work to keep a check that all the work done is safe and secure.

How does “KKB” work?

 Most residences have a local plumber as their go-to person to take care of any plumbing issue and the industrial sector involves continuous installation and   plumbing work of various systems and these technicians play a vital role in this sector. Leaky water taps or broken lines and blocked water supply is the common   problem in Dehradun but our experienced handymen always repair broken or leaky fixtures in order to avoid costly replacement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Why would you choose “KKB”?                  

 Our plumbers are the most recognized professionals plumbers. We’re committed to amazing service and amazing results. our home improvement professionals arrive ready to work with all of the tools and parts needed to complete the job. From leaky faucets to broken shower heads, no repair job is too small for us.”Kaam Ke Bande” offers a wide range of services—big and small. So just because you didn’t see a plumbing service listed it doesn’t mean that your local Kaam Ke Bande can’t help you out. “Kaam Ke Bande” is the one-call solution that you can trust.


How to request a handyman visit?

Go to our website “Kaam Ke Bande” page to request the service or click on the “Book appointment” from the main menu and then input your address along with Mobile number, and user requirements and time according to your convenience and You will get a call from KKB to schedule a handyman visit. Within 45 minutes, a professional will be at your doorsteps.

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