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Carpenter in Dehradun


Carpenter in Dehradun

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Cupboard & drawer
Cupboard & drawer
Drilling & Hanging
Drilling & Hanging
Furniture assembly
Furniture assembly
Furniture Repair
Furniture Repair
Window & Curtains
Window & Curtains
Modular Furniture
Modular Furniture
Furniture design
Furniture design
Table & Chair
Table & Chair

Balcony: Ceiling mounted hanger installation, Installation cloths hanger, Wall/door hanger installation.


Bed: Bed support repair, Single bed repair, Double bed repair, Hydraulic bed installation Repair of mattress support, Bed leg/hedboard repair, All type of bed repair . 

cupboard and drawers

cupboard & drawer: Cupboard hinge service, Channel repair, Channel replacement, Handle installation & replacement, Hinge installation, Hinge replacement, Lock installation, Lock replacement, Lock repair.


Door: Accessory installation & replacement ( latch, chain, stopper, magnet, metal, glass, PVC, Sliding door ), Aldrop/Peephole installation & replacement latch ( Kundi ), Wooden door installation, Door repair, Hing installation in metal, glass/ PVC/ Sliding door, Door lock installation & replacement, Door lock repair, Mesh grill door installation & replacement, Overhead door closer installation, Wall-mounted door closer installation, Wooden sliding door repair

Drilling & hanging

Drill & hang : Bathroom fitting installation like ( Soap holder, Cloth hanger, mirror ), Drill and hang wall decor items like ( wooden panels, bar cabinet ), Wooden self installation, Glass self installation.

Furniture assembly

Furniture assembly & Dismantle : Bed assembly ( Regular bed, Storage bed, Hydraulic bed ), Wooden table assembly ( Coffee table, Study table, Dining table ), Wooden dining chair assembly, Assembly of shoe rack & book self, Wooden shelving units & Cabinet assembly, Bed dismantle, Furniture dismantle.

Furniture repair

Furniture repairAll types of Bed repair,  Chair repair, Cabinet repair, Wardrobe repair, TV self repair, Channel repair, Door repair, Window repair, Door lock repair. 

TV mount

TV : TV installation, TV Uninstallation, New TV unit making, TV unit installation, TV unit self repair,Wood Wall-Mounted Tv Unit assembly & installation.TV Wall Unit repair, Wooden TV Cabinet repair. Wooden TV table.

Window curtains road

Window & curtain ( Parda ): Curtain rod installation, Shower curtain rod installation, Motorised & Non-motorised blinds fitting, Window wooden AC frame installation, Wooden Window Frames, WPC Window Frame.

Modular kitchen

Modular Furniture : Modular kitchen repair, Modular kitchen cabinet repair, Modular kitchen design, Modular office furniture design & repair, Modern modular office furniture designer.

Wooden interior

Furniture Design Service : Office Furniture Designing Services, Wooden Shuttering, Cupboard Design Services, Wooden Door Designing, Furniture Polishing Services, Table Designing.

Chair and table

Table and Chair repair : Computer Table, Wooden Laptop Table, Wooden Study Table, Multi Purpose Table, Restaurant Table, Wooden chair repair, Office chair repair, Rocking Chair, Chair assembly, Table assembly.

Carpenters in Dehradun.

Are you searching Carpenters near me?, Get Carpenters in Dehradun, near you in 45 minutes. Kaam Ke Bande will help you in taking away the pain of finding the trusted Carpenters to cater to your needs right at the comfort at your home with affordable rates. Our Carpenters are highly skilled and prompt with undertaking their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do carpenters do?

Carpenters install, create or repair structures and fixtures made from wood and other materials. They can be involved in many different kinds of construction at your home. Carpenters may do many different carpentry tasks, or they may specialize in one or two. Those who remodel homes and other structures, for example, need a broad range of carpentry skills.

When is a good time for installation?

Depending on each professional, some carpenters work during and after office hours as well as the weekends. It is good to check with your carpenters’ schedule and availability and see when is a good time to meet them.

What type of payment does the carpenter accept?

Cash, Bank transfer, Cheque payment, however, this is a question that you should clarify with your carpenter.

How an I get in touch if I have additional questions on your quotes and service?

If you have any other questions then you are welcome to visit us at our office at A1 Tower oppo Jaiswal Tower Ballupur chawk in Dehradun. You can also call us on 7060724757.

Do you use your own fitters?

Yes. We prefer to have our own team handle this part of the process as they are invested in ensuring the transport, unpacking, and assembly of the furniture is done to the highest possible standards. Because of their experience, they are sufficiently trained to sort out any problems that may arise on site.

Will I have to leave my home during the renovation?

This will depend on the kind of work we are doing and if you can manage with limited or no access to certain parts of your home. When installing furniture in the kitchen, we may need to disconnect the power and water. If you can manage without these then you may not need to vacate. If works are extensive or, for example, you have an allergy to dust, then it would be better to keep away until work is completed. Don’t worry about mess; we cover up other furniture and vacuum any debris generated by the work. Your room will be clean once we are done.

I'm interested in using pine wood for my kitchen. Can you manage that?

Indeed, we can. We always take client preferences into account and source materials upon payment of the deposit. We have lots of experience working with various types of woods, matte finish and high gloss materials and can assure you of our excellent workmanship. We also take great care in sourcing high-quality materials from reputable vendors. Whatever kind of timber you are interested in for your furniture, let us know and we will confirm its availability and price. If too expensive, we will be able to advise you on suitable alternatives that are cheaper but still offer a similar appearance and finish.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it?

Because the work we do is tailored to fit customer specifications, we do not accept cancellations once work has begun. Changes are also not allowed as this interferes with the billing. If it is additional work that you want to be done, then we will supply you with a new quote for the extra work, separate from the on-going project.

Does the rates include material/spare part charges?

All our rates are for labor charges only. They do not include the cost of materials. Our Service Providers will tell you what all materials (spare parts) are needed. You can buy the materials by yourself, or our Service Provider will buy the same for you.

Can I change my design after you start work?

While it is best not to change anything after the final design is confirmed, carpenters understand such scenarios may occur due to various reasons. Hence, depending on the stage of your project, some carpenters can compromise and pivot from there.

Locations We Serve In Dehradun

About Carpenters

If you are searching for professional carpenters for your home renovation & furniture repair work, you are at right place to find nearest available & verified carpenter service pro for you. At”Kaam Ke Bande” you can find highly skilled & professional carpenters that work with all type of wood and other fixing materials to build, assemble, install, and repair at your doorstep.These skilled professionals are equally good at creating customised furniture along with remodelling or renovating an existing piece of furniture.


Why get Carpenters from Kaam Ke Bande?

  • Doorstep repair: Kaam Ke Bande provide doorstep carpentry service within 45 minutes.
  • Verified Carpenters: Kaam Ke Bande provide background verified and highly skilled professional carpenters.
  • Service guarantee:  Kaam Ke Bande verified Carpenters provide one week service guarantee.
  • Affordable rates: Kaam Ke Bande provide affordable rates even a minor work.

Carpentry services in Dehradun offered by Kaam Ke Bande

  1. New Furniture Making: Each of our listed carpenter have the expertise to making new furniture, and modular Kitchen  with perfection.
  2. Furniture repair: Get your furniture repaired from the best carpenters in Dehradun get your home/office furniture repair at affordable rates.
  3. Furniture assembly Service: Our listed carpenters have the expertise in assembly all type of furniture like bed, chair, table etc .

” Dehradun” is a place where people come for various professions and educational destination. This is the reason that a number of out-stationed people are living here. It becomes a headache for such people to find out the perfect person for a home maintenance job. Carpentry for basic repair works is one such issue. People have to face many problems and the carpenter rate is one of them. Some local carpenters even through there are a number of companies in Dehradun charge very high for some short issues and also for the products they use and then take a long time to visit the site. If you don’t want to get into hassle of searching for carpenters in the local market of the city. “Kaam Ke Bande” will provide you the best best carpenters in Dehradun at you doorstep without any hassle.

Services Provided by our Top Qualified Carpenters in Dehradun.

  • Fitting of locks or latches or door bolts
  • Furniture assembly service
  • Fixing of Doorstopper
  • Handle Door
  • Chain Door
  • Latch Hinges
  • Peep Hole
  • Design wood carpentry
  • Repair of doors or windows
  • Interior decoration with woodwork (home renovation)
  • Design of kitchen shelf in a new home, fire mantels, bookcases.
  • Maintenance work with old wood furniture
  • Resolve malfunctions and minor repairs
  • House Renovation work for new homes and houses
  • Installation of new doors in wardrobes, bookshelves and wood doors
  • Modular kitchen
  • General Work
  • Wooden partition
  • A fixture of window mosquito mesh
  • Design of new wooden sofa
  • Framing services
  • Make new frames out of wood or existing old woodwork
  • Dismantling/mantling of furniture, wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets

To take our services You must know about:-

1). Who are we?

Well, “Kaam Ke Bande” is home maintenance services. This is specialized in medium to large residential and commercial joinery fit-outs. “Kaam Ke Bande” ensures to make the joinery element of the project worry-free and also ensures that the end results are perfectly integrated.

2). How do we work?

“Kaam Ke Bande” makes this process as easy for everyone as possible and always live up to our customer’s expectations. We pride ourselves on creating a long lasting working relationship that lasts, based on trust, honesty and expert workmanship. “KKB” always recommends our customers to visit us on our website (www.kaamkebande.com) or call us, so we can discuss their requirements and also take their feedback to get to know one another.

3). Why would you choose us?

So, this is very important to know, why would you take services from “KKB”? So I would love to tell you that our carpentry work is truly bespoke. We have the most experienced and skilled carpenters. “KKB” focuses on your requirements to ensure that you are getting excellent carpentry services at very valuable prices. We always care about your property, we take responsibility for every part that we work. “KKB” know to respect your time and also to value your payment, so we never waste your precious time and hard-earned money.

How to Hire the Best Carpenters in your city:-

Are you a housewife who wants to have beautiful interior woodwork in your home? Are you a householder who is searching for Carpenter services in Dehradun? Your only choice for best and affordable Woodwork in Dehradun is “Kaam Ke Bande”. We offer Online Carpenters in Dehradun is the most convenient way to get your Carpentry work done in the comfort of your home.

Well, You have come to the right place and You can choose the carpenters online. We provide the best Carpenters in Dehradun anymore. Book Woodwork in Dehradun at “KKB”  and experience hassle-free service. “KKB” Woodwork in Dehradun is the preferred choice you can make.

Note:- All services are available on one call so when it feels like calling Carpenter in Dehradun Visit Kaam Ke Bande web. Share your Carpentry related service needs and information with us. Schedule a time for us to attend you and get excellent carpentry services from us.

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