CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun

We are a professional CCTV Cameras and installation company in Dehradun offering CCTV system installations.

CCTV Cameras and installation is becoming increasingly common. As is its use in homes, to increase security and reduce the risk of burglary.

Whether you need your CCTV system installed, integrated, or serviced. At KKB CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun, we understand the unique qualities and needs that each business has. And it’s this experience that allows us to provide a proper and efficient video surveillance system installation.

Many CCTV’s are integrated with intrusion or fire alarm systems to assist in evaluating, recording, and investigating intrusions or safety concerns. All of the technicians at KKB CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun. At KKB CCTV Security Engineers they have been thoroughly trained to install and pair your surveillance system to work in tandem with your security systems to maximize protection.

CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun

Along with your installation and integration service, we also provide a maintenance package to ensure your KKB CCTV Cameras and installation system is working at full capacity for years to come. From testing voltages and completing necessary software updates, to simply cleaning the lenses. Our team is dedicated providing you with a level of professionalism that is unparalleled in the surveillance installation industry.

KKB CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun is a great way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep a watchful eye on your home and loved ones, and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen.

How can we help?

We are experts in the supply and installation of CCTV Cameras and Systems throughout Dehradun. CCTV is used extensively throughout Dehradun to prevent crime and our team of experts works in Dehradun every day installing new CCTV Systems for clients looking to combat crime.

Our technicians have years of experience in the correct setup or CCTV for all types of uses:

  • Protecting businesses and residential properties in Dehradun
  • Providing detection and monitoring services
  • Consultancy to help prevent crime and vandalism

Our services include:

  • We install CCTV Cameras to businesses and homes within all postcode areas of Dehradun
  • Maintenance and repair of existing CCTV systems
  • Consultancy on CCTV Camera positioning and deployment throughout Greater Dehradun


Half moon half sun day and night icon

CCTV cameras that know when it’s day and when it’s night

Our home security cameras automatically switch between day and night modes. So you can be sure they’re always getting a good view of any intruders.

Calendar showing the number 30 icon

Record up to 30 days of constant footage

Even when you’re away from home – such as on holiday – your ADT CCTV system is still active and recording in the background. There’s space to capture a month of footage, and when set to motion-activated mode, you can store even more.

Human eye icon

Have eyes everywhere

Our CCTV systems can combine up to eight high-resolution home security cameras. So you can keep an eye on every corner of your property at the same time.


CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun

Protect your Dehradun based business with a CCTV camera system.

Our professional CCTV Cameras and installation in Dehradun, offer a comprehensive expert CCTV installation service. It is ranging from a single camera monitoring one point of entry through to a sophisticated package. That monitors every access point (including at walls and fences) and even multiple locations and buildings. All of our CCTV systems can integrate with Access Control and Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems.

And if your business needs multi-site access control from a single central monitoring station controlling CCTV, gates, doors, and barriers, we can link it all together – we have many years of experience!

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