Electric Kitchen Chimney

Electric Kitchen Chimney Advantages

What Is An Electric Chimney?

An electric kitchen chimney is an electric fan hanging above the gas stove. It makes the kitchen free from any kind of odor, fumes, steam, and heat. It makes the kitchen free from gases released at the time of cooking and extracts the airborne grease. A chimney provides ventilation to smoke, gas and other fumes which are released from the stove to the outside atmosphere. An electric chimney is also known as exhaust hood, cooker hood, extractor hood, etc.

Electric Kitchen Chimney
Kitchen Chimney

Modular and trendy kitchens make your kitchen look classy and make cooking smooth and fast and it requires little maintenance and chimney cleaning. Electric kitchen chimney is one of the essential accessories when we talk about the modular kitchen.

Power Of Electric Chimneys:

Generally, in an Indian kitchen, food emits a lot of spice smell and fumes. Electric chimneys extract all the smell and fumes immediately. Your kitchen is left without any smell and smoke. For Indian kitchens, we prefer a powerful electric chimney which has a high suction capacity of gases and oils.

Two types of Electric Chimneys available in the market:

1. Traditional – Such chimneys focus on the performance and not the design of the electric chimney.
2. Designer – These chimneys focus equally on design as well as the performance of the chimney.

Advantages Of An Electric Chimney:

Protects The Tiles Of The Kitchen

Using an electric chimney in the kitchen protects the tiles, granites, marble, wooden furniture and everything else in the kitchen. Oils and gases make the kitchen greasy, sticky. Electric chimneys in the Kitchen keeps the kitchen free from smoke and smell. If you use spices in the kitchen usually high then you should absolutely go for electricity.

Protect The Walls

Oils and gases affect the Walls and the ceiling of the kitchen. Wall and ceiling become black. With a high suction capacity of the chimney, it sucks all fumes. And helps the kitchen roof and walls remain clean. To maintain the performance of the chimney, you should clean the chimney in every three to four weeks.

Smell Free Kitchen

An electric chimney extracts all the fumes, vapors, and smell from the kitchen and keeps the kitchen free from any kind of smell.

Prevents Sneezing

You can get rid of sneezing while preparing spicy food in the kitchen if you use an electric chimney. The immense suction capacity helps in sucking all the fumes, aromas and prevents sneezing.

Kitchen Looks Stylish And Appealing

Built-In Kitchen Chimney

Electric chimney makes the kitchen look stylish and appealing. A modular designed kitchen is more functional and beautiful.

An electric chimney gives a very decent, elegant, and stylish look to the kitchen; When installing with the door panel of colors matching the kitchen walls, tiles and other appliances.

Removes Excess Heat

The electric chimney helps in removing excess heat from the kitchen which makes the cooking process easy. It can be heat or steam coming out of your cooking utensil. An electric chimney sucks all the heat or steam and prevents it from hitting your face making cooking more comfortable. You can focus on your cooking instead of focusing on unwanted sweat. There is an in-built blower in the chimney that inhales all the heat produced by the gas stove and keeps the kitchen cool.

Better Kitchen Lighting

An electric chimney gets you extra light in the kitchen. This is an immense advantage for both cooking and cleaning. One can see what is cooking and make sure that food is cooked properly. When we clean the gas stove, we can see all the dirt and grease at the edges and the areas that are hard to reach. The bulb in the chimney also helps in saving energy. There is no need to turn on many lights in the kitchen. The chimney light is quite enough.

Electric Kitchen Chimney
Chimney Lights

Increases Property Value

Nowadays, Electric chimneys can be seen in every modular kitchen. If you don’t have one, then resale value of the property might get affected. The reason is, an electric chimney is considered to be an important accessory in the kitchen. Nowadays, people expect to have at least this much luxury in the kitchens.

Keeping the air clean

Keeps The Air Clean

Electric chimney keeps the air clean by removing all the toxic pollutants and gases from your kitchen. These gases can be harmful to you and your family’s health. But with the push of a button, all these particles can be sucked out of the kitchen. It helps to control bacteria growth and germs in the kitchen. And is the best way to fight against the poor quality of air inside the kitchen. It also reduces the level of carbon monoxide which is present in the kitchen due to cooking.

Why Is Electric Chimney Better Than Traditional Exhaust Fan?

An exhaust fan does not draw out impurities like gases, carbon, food particle, and oiliness. It only exhausts smoke from the kitchen. An electric chimney inhales all kind of particles from the kitchen. An electric chimney can be installed anywhere in the kitchen, just 25-30 inches above the gas stove. Whereas, an exhaust fan cannot be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

How To Clean Kitchen Chimney At Home

Clean chimney with dishwashing liquid

Start by applying some dishwashing liquid to the filters. Immerse filters in hot boiling water to clean it. Make sure that the filters are completely immersed in the water. Now leave the filters for 1 to 2 hours in the water. In case, you have a steel container, you can immerse the filters in water and then boil it for half an hour. Boiling will remove grease with more efficiency & quickly than immersing in hot water. After this, scrub it with a scrubber.

Clean chimney with baking soda

This method requires baking soda, salt, and vinegar. Take the filters into hot boiling water. Take 2-3 tablespoon of baking soda. Add 2-3 tablespoon of salt. Add 2 cups of vinegar to it. Let it soak for 1 to 2 hours. You can also boil it along instead of soaking it into hot water.


Electric chimneys are a little expensive side but they are an important part of a modern & modern kitchen. An electric chimney has many essential benefits that protect your health and provide a clean environment in the kitchen.

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