What is a carpenter?

Carpenter” also known as Construction Carpenter, Journeyman Carpenter, Apprentice Carpenter, Trim Carpenter, Finish Carpenter, Rough Carpenter. These all are the most common names used for a carpentry trade person.

Carpenter (बढ़ई ) is a skilled trade person who traditionally works with natural wood and does the work such as framing, household, wooden furniture making. Carpentry is more correctly used to describe the skill involved in fixing of wooden items.So you can say a Carpenter is a specialized type of woodworker. They work often in a shop, though some carpenters travel to different construction sites to fit and install wooden doors, windows,  cabinets, and other household furnishings.


Carpenters primary work is all about cutting, shaping and installation of wooden building materials, timber house, timber bridges, doors, windows, cabinet making, furniture building, molding, floors, counters, shelves, wooden panel, exterior siding, wooden toys and any kind of custom woodwork.

Carpenter meaning

How to become a professional carpenter?

Carpenter is an artist. An artist with his /her extraordinary woodwork skills, he/she can turn a piece of wood into a very beautiful and useful product. It needs lots of effort and practice to become a quality carpenter. Carpenters also work in the construction industry and fabricate primarily wood construction work. His job starts from the framework of a building to ornate woodwork on stairs and trim.
There are two types of carpenter work category basically.

1.Rough carpentry
2. Finish carpentry

Rough Carpenters –
Rough carpenter work on large construction projects sites. Their work is on a big scale and needed a pre-designed drawing to complete the job efficiently. After materials are selected, rough carpenters cut materials according to specifications given in the blueprint. After cutting the materials to a specified size, a carpenter will then join or assemble them as elements of a larger structure.

Common course topics for all rough carpentry programs include the following:

  • Structural blueprint reading
  • Basic architectural drawing and drafting
  • Introductory CAD
  • Commercial construction

Finish Carpenters –
Finish carpenter does all jobs after rough carpentry. They do modeling of the wood blocks as per requirement.They create a beautiful wood product for a variety of use /furniture /selves and work on small-scale efficiently. Finish carpenter also fabricate and refine wardrobes in the house, storage chests, and dressing table, double bed.

Carpentry work is almost always done by men in every country. 99% of carpenters are male.
This profession is a male-dominated occupation.As per stats because of the lots of handyman business startups, the Number of interested people in carpentry job is increased and Now at present, there are above 1.5 million positions available worldwide for skilled carpenters.
There are carpentry jobs in film industry also.Scenic carpenters work in the film industry. A scenic carpenter in film-making, TV, and the theater builds and dismantles temporary scenery and sets They do crafting work, they design sets for shooting, elaborate sets. Wooden set are used mostly because for filming purpose they need a temporary set and wooden sets are quite simple to make and it is cheaper also.

To become a professional Carpenters have to learn this trade as a beginner by being employed through an apprenticeship training program. This training normally Takes 4 years but in different countries, this time period may be different.
Once you qualify and successfully complete your training you will become a certified carpenter.
In India, you have to do ITI qualification and training in carpentry stream to become a qualified carpenter.

Carpenter Training or carpentry practice

Carpentry training involves basic math, architecture, trigonometry knowledge and most important is the physical practice. The formal training of a carpenter begins as an apprentice in carpentry job stations. Carpentry trainee will learn how to read blueprints, learn to follow building code regulations and practice general safety and first aid. After getting all such knowledge and expertise in using carpentry tools he will become an expert carpenter with enough experience and competency.
Nowadays pre-apprenticeship training may be done through vocational programs such as carpentry workshop classes and carpenter community colleges i.e. ITI. Depending on carpentry job duties, carpenters may work either indoors or outdoors sites.

Carpentry tools

Carpenters work with natural wood generally.Tree wood needs to be shaped as per design required. Some time carpenter has to prepare it for the framing work by himself but mostly it has been prepared to split, sawing with a saw or sawmill at a wood workstation. Rough carpenter uses hand saws, power saws, or woodworking machines.

  1. Hammer

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  2. Tape Measure

  3. Chalk Line

  4. Carpenter’s Pencil

  5. Utility Knife

  6. Tin Snips

  7. Nail Puller

  8. Speed Square

  9. Framing Square

  10. Levels

  11. Wood Chisel 

  12. Circular Saw

  13. Drill 

  14. Reciprocating Saw

  15. Extension Cords

  16. Air Compressor

  17. The Screwdriver

  18. The Sliding Bevel

  19. Nail Guns 

  20. The Moisture Meter

  21. Planer




22. Sheet sander

23.Compound Miter Saw

24.Table Saw

25. Wood saw


Safety concern while doing Carpentry job

carpenters use sharp, motor driven and heavy equipment, they should be safety-conscious and follow company or workplace safety standards at all times. They must have a first aid kit at least in their Tool Kit.A Carpenter must use finger safety gloves while cutting wood.

Carpenter handyman business

A carpenter needs to be focused because A small error of one inch can make a huge difference in the entire design . and after this fault, it will not be affordable to remodelling it .carpenter needs to use only precise measurements. Thus every carpentry job needs a carpenter with a great set of skills and quality tools.
And thus there are lots of handyman services business are available to help your needs.

You always need a professional and well-qualified carpenter for your carpentry jobs. So such businesses are now becoming very useful for the society.

Carpenter Jobs

Carpenters can work for an employer / Carpentry business organization or can be self-employed.Carpentry job provider firms prefer to hire carpentry apprentice candidates who possess professional work ethics and positive attitudes. Carpenter require a license to work freely in any city and in any country and In India, you can get this Carpenter contractor licenses from Cpwd Office or PWD Office. CPWD licenses will be easy to get online. You need to apply and for which it may require passing a written test and having minimum levels of insurance.

What does a Company seek in a carpenter?

Physical strength and good carpentry skill set, Stamina.
Carpenters need to be strong and physically healthy. He may need to carry the big wooden sheets of plywood sometime or heavy glass sheets and carrying heavy tools and equipment. The job is hard so a carpenter got to have the stamina to keep up with the physical demands for an 8- to 10-hour work. He needs to be good in communication as well. Good communication skills lead him to quality work because a carpenter has to deal with the client, lots of time to understand they design demand and that’s why he should have good communication skills to understand what their client exactly wants. A carpenter must have Problem-Solving Skills. In carpentry job, Not every job is the same, and carpenters need to be able to adjust plans as per situation to compensate it.


Carpenter Earnings

According to the current stats, carpenters made an income of approx $19.00 per hour in 2017-18, or $45,000 a year.In India carpenters also earn very good money.Handyman business is offering around 18,000 rupees per month to 35,000 per month to the carpenter. But In India carpenters mostly works freely and they earn about 2.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh per annum.
So as per income scale, its a good profession for the skilled handyman and this profession will come with lots of good opportunities in future.

The future of carpentry Service

Carpentry jobs are expected to grow 20 to 25% between 2017 and 2030, according to the survey conducted by the labor jobs authorities. This hike is much faster than the average job.


How to Hire a carpenter

A window frame might need some redoing or you may want a new custom made a wooden shelf for the room. But in today’s rat race, it becomes a task to get these things done. Taking a day off is impractical while fetching a carpenter on Sundays is itself a task. It’s particularly tough to find carpenters in Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Haldwani, Delhi NCR. Etc.

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